Marketing Method

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We don’t do Corporate Marketing, we sell the Easy LANGA Method in order to guarantee the final uniqueness of your products.

Designer Design

We create, handle and manage over and over again the client‘s projects with people who are successful in the respective areas.

Strong Ideas

At the beginning, we improve your Corporate Marketing using strong ideas. After your
choice, we start believing in it.


Degrees, courses and Masters were only the basis of our experience in order to guarantee a perfect result for you.

Easy LANGA represents our working Method for the creation, management and cure of the client’s corporate Marketing by all LANGA’s studios.


Professionaly prepared. We don’t improvise, we gained our abilities through hard work. We are a
Team of Web, Printing and Video Professionals able to deal with unique and enduring Corporate Marketing‘s projects.


Every day, every 100 meters new “Corporate Marketing Studios” are opened, which claim they are able to sell everything. Guys, the only the facts are important. Our creative graphic designers will be able to give life to Your Digital and Paper Corporate Marketing Ideas!


The latest web technologies for the Final Client, an unique Service! Systems generating ultra-dynamic codes, programs shaping high-impact graphics and Hollywood-like shooting video instruments: right…they are used by LANGA


We look for new ideas in order to be different and better than the ones who are only trying. The LANGA research and development department is always active for the search of originality, innovation and new sales techniques.


We are LANGA Group,
the Company for your Corporate Marketing.

* have a look around and don’t panic!

Shooted HD and 4K VIDEOS



Thanks to the usage of multiple programming languages, our programmers will be able to realize and develop your ideas on the web. Thanks to our crearive designers we are able to support your ideas and turn them into digital graphics. Thanks to our Video makers we guarantee a filming content with no comparison. Thanks Easy, which allows us to manage every Corporate Marketing campaign.

But especially thanks to you all, the ones who are allowing us to shape ideas of Marketing.


360° Marketing

LANGA is divided in 3 main Departments: LANGA WEB, LANGA PRINT & LANGA VIDEO…the choice is up to you!


Web developers

Dynamic Responsive Websites, e-commerce, Mobile App programming for Corporate and Management flows. The right code for what you want most from informatics.


Graphics and Printing

Digital Graphics Creation and printing on big and small formats for your Paper Corporate Marketing. A true coordinated Image for your Business Marketing, your own choice of Design and Style.


Multimedia Creations

Corporate Marketing’s Videos, Shorts and Advertising Spots for your activity’s advertisment. Immerse your moments with our Shooting. Choose your angle, choose how to show it.

We don’t do it better,

we do it differently.