We don’t do it better, we do it with Method.


We don’t do Corporate Marketing, we provide you our Method Easy LANGA in order to guarantee the final uniqueness of your projects.


We create, handle and manage over and over again the client’s projects with people who are successful in the respective fields of Marketing.


At the beginning, we improve your Corporate Marketing using strong ideas. After your choice, we start believing in it.


Degrees, courses and Masters were only the basis of our experience in order to guarantee a project at the state of art.

Institutional website

The %ONE website represents an online showcase for the one who wants to appear professional even in a small business activity.

Complex Website

The web array %WEB has something extra: opening each page, the user is constantly surprised by the dynamisms and by the layout programmed and studied specifically for the client.

Electronic Commerce

The %COM platform is a web application useful for every company willing to have a go in the B to C business.


A brillian Method for the creation, management and cure of the client’s corporate Marketing by LANGA Studios.

Outstanding Creativity

Every day, every 100 meters new Marketing agencies are opened, which claim they are able to sell everything. Guys, the only the facts are important. Our ProgrammersGraphic designers and Video Makers will be able to give life to Your Digital and Paper Corporate Marketing Ideas!

Simple Innovation

We look for new ideas in order to be different and better than the ones who are only trying. The LANGA research and development LANGA department is always active for the search of originality, innovation and new sales techniques. Choose to be simple , choose to plan your Corporate Marketing once and for all.

LANGA | Marketing con Metodo

Web Designer & Developers

Dynamic Responsive Websitese-commerceMobile App programming for Corporate and Management flows. The right code for what you want most from informatics

LANGA | Marketing con Metodo

Creative Graphic Designers

Digital Graphics Creation and printing on big and small formats for your Paper Corporate Marketing. A true coordinated Image for your Business Marketing, your own choice of Design and Style.

Great Professionalism

Professionaly prepared for every Company. Web Company, Print and Video professionals able to deal with unique and enduring Corporate Marketing‘s projects.

Cutting-edge Technology

The latest Information Technologies for our Customers, an unique Service! CMS installations and Text editors enable us to create extremely dynamic Layout and Design, Programmes able to generate high-impact graphics and Hollywood videos, are only a few of the tools LANGA can provide.

Brand Identity

The %DIGITAL package helps every company which wants to start with something simple but graphically high-impact. Small photo-shooting interventions are included.

Graphics and Printing Realization

The% PRINT package is able to satisfy the customer company through an ultra professional coordinated image service. We follow the various processing steps with precision and attention to detail: from the graphic design to the pre-printing and printing of the required material.

Fairs and Events

The% EXHIBITION package allows you customers to prepare yourselves with a complete digital marketing also printed on paper, plastic and metal for fairs, events and conventions.

Only shots

The% SHOOTING package has been specially designed by the LANGA studios to meet all those activities willing to film evenings, events, private parties in a simple and professional way.

Corporate Presentation videos

The% VIDEO package was created by LANGA to present any type of company telling its story in a dynamic and fast way.

Filmed tales

From the name of the package we can deduce that this intervention is intended for all those who need professional videos for weddings, communions, baptisms and various ceremonies.


Especially thanks to you all, the ones who are allowing us to shape ideas of Marketing. Have a look to what we can do!


Thanks to our Video makers we guarantee a filming content with no comparison. Thanks Easy, which allows us to manage every Corporate Marketing campaign.

Production and Elaboration

We believe in businesses and we want to promote them on a multi-media basis. Daily life shooting. Advertising videos. Amateur movies. Company Videos. We can not exist without them.

LANGA | Marketing con Metodo

Video Maker

Corporate Marketing’s Videos, Shorts and Advertising Spots for your activity’s advertisment. Immerse your moments with our Shooting. Choose your angle, choose how to show it.