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Advices for a Videomaker

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Here below we list some priceless advice for the ones who aim for a bright career as Videomaker:

A wrong title

Let’s start with the title: there are not a few simple rules to make you a perfect videomaker. This is a complex and professional job. Following some rules it’s not enough, this is not a matter of checking things to do from a list…The rules are countless, and the professional experiences due to be made in order to start gaining the needed qualification are even more.

Do not be snobby

Don’t be a hard man: if you are proposed a decently paid job (but we should always consider the “do not sell ourselves out” factor), take it.
Especially if this job is in creative sectors like the video-maker one, connections are fundamental.
Wait, we are not talking about bad things, such as patronage, preferential treatments or recommendations: we are referring to the fact that, in order to get opportunities, you have to go out there and try to do something, know someone and make themselves known, building a reputation.

Be always committed

This is another great suggestion: always be committed to what you do. Even if that is not your dream job (Philip Bloom gives an example about his job in the news sector, and we mention it below), you must commit to it and work at your best, do the best possible in order to achieve the best possible result.
This is a matter of mental health, as in the long run working bad makes us think bad and underestimate us, and of cunning: if you, young Videomaker, work badly, your videos will however be seen by other people, who do not know why those are so poorly made…

Find yourself a work crew

It’s important to know and regularly work together with other operators, editors, writers, sound technicians. Good ideas often come from discussions, and you can not do everything on you own (even if someone may tell you the opposite, but it depends on the perspective).
Also, a good videomaker should have someone to debate with, on the practical side too.

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