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New Graphic Movements- Vapor Wave

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Vaporwave graphic movement Vaporwave originated on the Internet as an ironic variant characterized by the invocation of retro popular culture. So, to make it simpler that is what the VaporWave graphic school is: do you remember when you were children? Those lazy summer evenings, when the sun went down behind the buildings with some lightened windows hither and thither, or the raindrops slipping on the windshield of the car driven by your parents Read More

Websites at the state of art

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Here below are reported some “well made” websites: for their design, functionality/effectiveness and aesthetics. These websites have been created by agencies that, over time, have become full-fledged web trademarks. They are the web platforms at the state of art, and they have been rated by experts in four categories: Design, Usability, Creativity and Content, with a rating out of ten, and here are the results… Enjoy the list and have a little eye candy! Read More