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An e-Commerce platform for managing your products or business services.

The %COM package

A %COM PACKAGE is the highest processing sphere LANGA WEB offers for customers who not only want to show themselves in an elegant and professional way but who also want to market their product or service in the world of the web.

To whom it is proposed

LANGA WEB has decided to propose the e-commerce package in order to offer it to companies that need the online management of their products, discounts and markets, everything, to allow the payment via PayPal. E-commerce Web for a platform allowing users to manage the product/service purchases online


It is possible to add many optionals and additions in order to create the best high-performance tool on the market for the management of products and/or business services. An example is the %SHIPPING CODE able to manage the handling of products between couriers, storage warehouses and customer sites to which the goods must be physically received. E-commerce programs.


These are web portals able to create specific user profiles and generate income through the Internet.

Through the e-commerce platform, the user will be able to purchase the products of the companies inserted in the Web Directory. The approved authentication can be requested or not. You can see an example module for the products’ choice in the section below.

a serious matter

A selection platform for the sale of your company products and for the configuration of your system. An extra gear on online sales.


The responsive technology applied on the e-commerce is applied on every LANGA WEB web array, and allows the user to buy packages also from smartphone and Tablet. For each web system it is possible to develop in parallel the appropriate APP for Android or iOS.

* Don’t forget, every website of ours is 100% responsive, LANGA WEB offers complete web marketing interventions for every kind of package, guaranteeing professionalism, availability and technical assistance.

Considerations on E-commerce

Through an e-commerce web array programmed by LANGA WEB you will be able to manage all the activities of the online sale sector .

Thanks to the VELOX%SCRIPT instrument, the registered user will be able to blog on his news page and automatically publish the news on the main social media.

The ecommerce shopping cart can be differentiated in taxonomies and category in order to allow the insertion of the product in the web position more suited to its macro directory.

e-Commerce LANGA WEB.


Here below are some of our %COM packages works, made for different sectors: from the hospitality one to the wine and food one.

* to see more of our e-Commerce works, come visit our Showroom or visit our Portfolio

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