LANGA Corporation Srl

Piazza IV Novembre, 4
20124 (MI) Milano ITA
P.IVA IT10637600965

LANGA Group snc

Via Cerrato, 1
Alba (CN) 12051 ITA
P.IVA IT03605370042

Alba, Corso Bra 37 (CN) 12051
Share Capital Issued: 10.000€


Phone: +39 0173 280479

To contact

Sales support

All the useful information about packages sales, optionals and foolish services. To modify the order’s specifications, track down the shipping for material delivering or update your entity’s data, go to page “State of order”, access and insert a note on your dashboard. For every question, contact directly our headquarter at +39 0173 280479(if the switchboard redirects your call because of the high number of incoming calls, wait to talk with the sales division) LANGA Group.

How to find the authorized resellers

Visit our sales network in order to find the nearest authorized LANGA reseller or service provider in Italy

You can look for the nearest LANGA reseller, he will put you into contact with the technicians!

Ask for the Resale of Digital Services >

Assistance and technical support

Visit the FAQs to quickly solve your doubts and read deepened technical articles. If you can’t find a solution, remember, we are here to help you! Langa Group.

Go to Faq or Contact technicians

Fast line/ Urgencies

LANGA Group. If you forgot your password or if someone stole the electronic devide where you stored your data, don’t hesitate to contact us. Remember, we are your data bank; Easy is a safe https system which protects your privacy and all your sensible data in a private server farm.

Don’t hesitate, before it is too late!

Call now + 39 0173 280479

Contact services are active from Monday to Friday 9 – 13 and 14 – 18. The hours can change slightly depending on the start/end of active presence. LANGA Group.

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