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Corporate Graphics

%LABEL OPTIONAL for the labels creation, it is only one of this package’s optionals. The graphic is agreed with the client revision after revision, in order to develop the best idea for your Company’s communication.

Brand Identity

LANGA PRINT has developed the %DIGITAL PACKAGE with photographic shootings and brand identity interventions in order to provide every company their style, a unique style.

For who?

For all those companies that have the desire to renew themselves, for all those organizations that have the pleasure of renewing their style and for all those people who value the digital arts to improve their business communication.


manages companies’ digital marketing according to the stylistic characteristics of its designers and the inputs of the clients themselves.. Customized Photo Shootings, studio and complete Brand Identity development

A digital package

A complete brand identity service, a serious marketing intervention.

From the photographic services, to the graphic creation of labels to the related printing, we work with Graphics using our own passion for the formation of real art, digital art.


We developed %DIGITAL packages of Photo shootings for different sectors, click on the links below to view the client’s website.

*to see more of our works, come to our Showroom or access our Portfolio

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