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Filmography to represent your company through video, editing and 3D effects applications on specially made shots.


LANGA VIDEO, has thought a special package for the study of specific storyboards in order to guarantee a great final video making project.


The PACKAGE% FILM is able to formulate a HD photographic kit and full-HD footage with all the correct digital implementations for the final audio/video assembly.

To whom?

To all those natural persons who want to professionally immortalize their moment or to companies that want to expose themselves at their best by means of professional filming and editing.


…to remember your wedding or your company’s history, this package is ready to amaze you and leave a real movie in your hands.

Ceremonial Videos


The% FILM PACKAGE and any optionals will make any moment magical and unforgettable.

LANGA VIDEO Wedding Videos.

imac background

Baptisms and Holy Communions

Confirmations and Parties

Weddings and Renewals

LANGA | Marketing con MetodoLANGA VIDEO also developed videos which tell the history of many companies, not only ceremonial videos. Don’t forget, the %FILM PACKAGE represents a post-production of telling shots, which remind of a past event: a ceremony, an historical fact, documentary or interview to members.

* complete service of assisted shooting in an out of the scheduled places. The post-production will directly take place in the LANGA studios with video frame and audio technicians, it could also be necessary the client’s presence, in order to make decisions about specific video shots. See what we can do in our Portfolio


We developed %FILM package for different types of ceremonies or for informative documentaries. Company contacts

*this is a wide package, visit our Showroom or access our Portfolio 

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