The Foolish services are customized coding services, performed on the basis of some LANGA Team Webmasters. They are specific services, certainly not for the faint-hearted. Programming with miscellaneous HJPC code.

The simple uniqueness only few experts are able to offer, LANGA is one of them.

A small concentration of choosen people, LANGA’s best, Able to provide digital creation’s unique elements. From A to Z.

Foolish, the sought-after Team

The super-testedin LANGA divisions

Creative art good to be developed, because we are LANGA

The project was born to certify LANGA work’s quality. This step was created bt LANGA’s internal Research and development studio. We innovate in order not to remain standard, if you are looking for something ordinery, you are in the wrong place, here, we are the ones who are looking forward to being under pressure. Through commercial and technical meetings, in Research and Development we test new technologies for Italy’s social and technological progress. We show the others that Italy matters.

The path aims to boost creative skills and develop and innovate products and services, but also projects and working methods. Enhance the production of insane ideas, original but effective, in order to develop new products/services, new projects and working methods, or improving the existing ones. Get to find out the idea which changes everything, both present and past methods.

langa sale


langa sale


Freedom to change: between genius and foolishness

Break the rules, experimenting

Building on change

Enhancing competence

Being dissatisfied with the progress

Acknowledging an intuition

Being simple and simplify what is complicated

Working up some sense of humor

Staying curious

Working with perseverance and tenacity.

Harvesting a vision

Having an open, unprejudiced mind

How to become Foolish
Are you aready a part of LANGA´Hidden tests in standard sections will identify and then promote you to the Foolish Team, If you got the skills. Dedicated to the ones who will stay in the future.

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