LANGA Business

Even more resources to reinvent your company.

LANGA and its packages’ spectrum will provide you all the instruments you need to rethink your company. And with LANGA, you have more opportunities to work better.

Working with LANGA’s website.

LANGA’s websites provide you a variety of functionalities which change your corporate image and make you grow more and more professionally. Find out more >
More visibility for your company, thanks to %SEO BASIC, %SEO MEDIUM and %SEO ADVANCED. Optionals especially studied for your needs, to boost up you name on the web.
Gain visibility through browsers allows you being noticed on a search level. No matter how good is the client, he will always contact the first ten companies of his search. If you arein the first three ones, you won!
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Find out how to change your company thanks to the website.

Thanks to LANGA and its instruments, every company will be able to manage its own website in full autonomy.
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LANGA works with many big and small companies in a veriety of sectors, and guarantees all of them a full availability on internet services, web assistance and in remote. Everything you need in a concentration of creativity and professionalism only LANGA can provide you. Every company needs its own website, they can’t help it.
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Develop your website with LANGA. Everything changes. You’ll have an extra kick.

Rethink your work with LANGA, you can. Scopri di più >

Put your website at work.

With LANGA your website will have an extra kick. No static, more usabiity, more visibility, new layouts, customized share and search link circuits, It is not a simple website. It is a LANGA website.
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Perfection exists. Services dedicated to paper marketing.

The solution for your paper marketing. Perfection in the project’s making. Dèpliant, corporate products’ brochures. 600×300 posters with customized graphics. Customized corporate flyers. A variety of printers to be used to boost up your image and your paper markeitng.

LANGA Certificated quality Digital printing.

Care and constance in refinement to provide the companies the best printout ever. Vectorial graphics and colour sampling on the project. Customized dimensions. Material and filigree choice.LANGA certification acknowledges quality and professionalism on digital printing.
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Develop your video. Full HD shots.

With LANGA you can create your video. Powerful and fine machineries allow us to realize amazing shots thanks to FULL HD video technology and the outstanding 4K resolution.
Simple shots of corporate events, video presentations and suggestive locations HD videos for your activities. Our approach for your company.
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