Join our program, support your voluntary work thanks to the collaboration with LANGA Group.


LANGA DONOR is born from the willingness to help with our business all those charity, philantrophy or voluntary activities, that every day, quietly, ensure a decent life to all the less fortunate people and animals.


Every non-profit charity and/or voluntary activity can join the program.


Because it is simple, free and, above all, is a way to do some good. And nowadays we all need some good in the world.


Filling this form, I agree with the LANGA data treatments rules

These are the rights your activity will have after joining the program:

(a) a new, responsive and FREE website will be developed by our Studios, and branded with the “LANGA DONOR” symbol. The website will be studied with the aim of accommodating your association’s needs and make its work easier through the use of blog/news platforms directly linked with Social platforms.

(b) every year, the 5% of the revenues coming from quotes with the “LANGA DONOR” brand will be given to all the associations part of the program as a donation for their activities.

(c) joining the program is completely free, LANGA DONOR’s website will not have any maintainance or creation cost, and there will be no obligations.

(d) the money will be then poured via wire transfer directly from the donor to the charity he/she is willing to fund.

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