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A new way to make presentations…

We are LANGA, and we believe in schools too. In-depth studies made possible for LANGA bringing customized projects in schools, for students and professors. Real presentations for universities and in-class didactic. Teaching through interactive projects, buildt with our programming. Sounds, colours, images and contents based on each student’s needs.

Presentation at the content’s level?

The instruments every student looks forward to using

LANGA Learning revolutionises the school didactic through interactive presentations which catch the observer’s attention and allow the student to have a full situational control. If you have little time to prepare your presentation, but you want it to be catchy, we can give you a concrete help, creating a one-of-a-kind project. Creativity, experience in programming make your project morally and phisically support you during your class. Dynamic graphics help you not to lose your train of thoughts.

Work together and make a presentation together. Everything in a dynamic and fast way. When you choose one on LANGA Learning’s projects for school didactic, the work in your class changes.

prof_ LANGA | Marketing con MetodoAre you a professor? We got a solution for your teaching

Make presentitions in style, thanks to LANGA Learning’s projections. A new way to present your lesson through graphics, project sidemaps, categories, filters. All the instruments to present your project to students. Ad hoc dynamism for small and big presentations.

stud_ LANGA | Marketing con Metodo Are you a Student? We have a solution for your thesis.

With LANGA Learning your thesis will be a piece of cake. The right way to present yourself at the exams. Visual graphics,content’s full control, hypertext links to directly send to the project’s sections. Everything in a single package. We believe LANGA Learning can be useful for the school environment, as it saves professor and student’s time and they can use a peculiar product entirely programmed by experts. Our technicians will manage the entire project, following the client step by step.

*The contents and so the publishing part should be entirely provided by the client. We do not manage the publishing part of the project.

(a) The publishing contents both in italian and in english are not created by our technicians.

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