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Frame after frame: We support only high quality videos

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What is

Video Production

LANGA VIDEO is the LANGA’s Digital house department for the production of corporate videos. We tell moments. LANGA VIDEO films your company’s undertakings. We believe in firms and we want to promote them multimedially.
Everyday life shootings. Advertising videos. Wedding VideosCorporate videos. We can’t do without them.

Personal, ceremonial and corporate videos. Visit our Portfolio to see more.

We support only high quality videos >

We viralize your company. Corporate Videos.

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1st reason


All our technicians attended training courses.
Lots of them have a great theoric knowledge
about cinema and new media, to which are added great practical skills.

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2nd reason


The Video division often works togheter with the web one. Because nowadays it is fundamental in order to go viral. The technicians shoot, work and
increase your video’s views in the web.

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3rd reason


Each LANGA VIDEO technician uses machinery at the forefront of technology. We own cranes, tripods, sliders for a correct shot. We only make Full HD Videos. Visit our Portfolio and see it with your eyes.

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4th reason


In our studio we own ultra-professional programs for video editing and post-production. With these softwares each take of ours in turned into an emotion.

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5th reason


Video division interacts with the print one.
At the end of each project we grant to the client
customized video gadgets , interactive DVDs and customized USB drivers.

Optionals for your video

A list of optionals you can apply to your video

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