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Websites and Programming

What’s the best web marketing for you?

We program everyday, with love.

What is

Web Marketing Agency

LANGA WEB is part of LANGA Group and operates in the field of advanced informatics. Its aim is to carry on enduring projects offering web solutions in order to build a proper online image of the company. Fresh, vivid and young minds which, thanks to the right coordination, are putting ideas togheter in order to find the right equilibrium between reality and imagination. LANGA WEB Websites.

Websites at the state of art, we have a lot of them.

Websitesprogramming and customized corporate management systems.

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Care and assistance

The post-sale assistance is a cardinal point for  LANGA Group‘s ethic and corporate logics. The post-sale services related to the mail management, DB cleaning, Websites renewal and social cares are released by technicians of the Web sector and communicated by commercial technicians..

We will make your doubts disappear!

Marketing Care

Increase of visibility through web platforms, links to social networks with Velox Script integration for the quick publishing of your articles. A 360° Social Marketing. A company which takes care of your company. A team who communicates with yours. You got our word!


Thanks to our pool of web designers and programmers, LANGA WEB department is able to guarantee Websites answering to every client’s needs. You can visit the dedicated section of some optionals commercialized in the LANGA Group sales section.

We are not joking: html,php, java and css. Visit our Portfolio  to see what we can do!


LANGA WEB guarantees visibility, accessibility and usability for your web services. For us the 100% adaptability of the website’s array is not an optional, but a fundamental principle.

Responsive Technology for your website

Guarantees of the Method

LANGA made up its own internal manual of technical, administrative and commercial logic. Thanks to this, LANGA guarantees itself an internal organization able to optimize the customized codes’ production process and so offer more chances of revision between clients and programmers. Remember, we are LANGA. Our websites creation has no comparisons because we put the Passion first. But now, no more words, look with your own eyes.

p.s. besides, we have Easy

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