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More information about internal acceptation policies is referred to [langa_mod.#] available here.


Every service provided by LANGA is tested and branded with LANGA’s seal of warranty, visit the dedicated section Guarantees

Assistance services

Read the terms and conditions of packages’ and foolish services. Assistance services

Terms of service

Find out more to know the terms of service. Terms of service


Consult our corporate ethics, policy and logic for general information about Policies applications.

Seals, copyright
and intellectual property

Consult the list of our seals and the use guidelines. Read carefully information about copyright in order to know how to obtain the material under copyrights. Visit Seals, copyright and intellectual property

Legal contacts

List of main legals for questions about brands, copyright, patents, software piracy and minor queries. Visit Legal Contacts

Directives for suppliers

Additional notes on behalf of LANGA about
Directives for suppliers

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