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Let’s talk about Marketing

Today we will talk about Marketing. About the real marketing, what is it and how does it work. First of all, the word comes from “market”, so the marketing is the activity of operating oin the market.

Philip Kotler in 1967 wrote: “Marketing is the social and management process which has the aim to fulfill needs through processes of products and values’ creation and exchange. It is the art and the science of detecting, creating and provide value in order to satisfy the needs of a certain market, having a profit from it.”

Another important definition is the one given from the American Marketing Association: ” Marketing is the process which plans and realizes ideas, goods and services’ development, prices policy, promotion and distribution, in order to create a market and achieve goals of single individuals and associations.” The marketing is a group of activities performed in order to promote values and satisfy wishes and needs of markets and people.

It is necessary to study the customers’ needs, in order to be able to satisfy them, but Marketing has chenged through time, mainly as a consequence of the digital evolution. Actually, the process is not only managerial, but also social: being in close communication with the one who buys or the one who sells, creating value for the company in the customers’ eyes. To create this kind of value, it is necessary the publishing of visual e graphic material of promotional videos, and a huge variety of  contents on the web.

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