New Graphic Movements- VaporWave

New Graphic Movements- Vapor Wave

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Vaporwave graphic movement LANGA | Marketing con Metodo Vaporwave originated on the Internet as an ironic variant characterized by the invocation of retro popular culture. So, to make it simpler that is what the VaporWave graphic school is: do you remember when you were children? Those lazy summer evenings, when the sun went down behind the buildings with some lightened windows hither and thither, or the raindrops slipping on the windshield of the car driven by your parents, or the videogames with grainy, talking characters, whose speechs were projected on the stylized background sky, or the sound played by Windows 95 at its start? As you can notice, all these pictures carry the same emotions and feelings. So, with the aim of recreate these childhood’s archaic emotion, around 2010 the artistic movement “Vaporwave” was founded. Born as an evolution of the Synthwave movement, the Vaporwave is an artistic school, which manifests itself in music and visual arts. In music field it is expressed through widespread use of 80s and 90s sound: pop music, elevator music, up to the theme songs of detective shows; but always behind a veil of distortion or slow-down, which turns the childhood’s soounds in a sort of hallucination. In the visual arts field, it is even more miscellaneous: we find Vaporwave photography, Vaporwave GIFs, Vaporwave graphics; and the contents are even more heterogeneous: natural landscapes, or urban ones marked by the wide-ranging consumer style of  billboards, frames from Japanese’s anime, console-videogame-based graphic from the 80s and 90s, a real obsession for those years’ market. Trying to detect and list every thing that may or might be, potentially, Vaporwave, is almost impossible.

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