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A simple professional website, well done. The %ONE website is an online showcase for those who wish to show themselves in a professional way even in their small business reality.

The %ONE package

The% ONE no-scroll PACKAGE offers ample space to the creativity of our internal photographers and to the internal web designers at LANGA. Web programming has done its duty, even here

To whom it is proposed

LANGA WEB has chosen to develop a Responsive website, suitable for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who need to show themselves in a professional and dynamic way towards their customers.


In this package can be integrated different LANGA Optionals to help the research of products / services and improve the experience of the client who visits the website. An example is the CODE% MAP, a full-page GPS map with Company’s Favicon and integration of company data with the “GET DIRECTION” button to reach the company’s headquarters.


has developed hundreds of %ONE PACKAGES able to represent every kind of company. The website has an high effectivity in terms of adaptability and navigation.

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Layout and colour studies

Our team of developers and creatives always start to use colors and layouts, thinking about the roots of the company that has chosen the Marketing development. The structures of these Websites are very simple, rational and unique: they usually come with a sidebar for the navigation menu while the rest of the screen is completely dedicated to the photo shoot.

MARKETING Agency – Corporate Marketing 


…a full-screen website able to display detailed photos of construction areas and a portfolio code able to list on categorical division some of the projects the firm completed.

A minimal layout perfectly represents every firm’s simple history.

A small News section proposes the dynamism of the company towards world news and internal events.


The graphic layout and its programming have been developed in order to guarantee a perfect fruition also from tablet and smartphone. The %ONE website is responsive and utilizes UX/UI specifications in order to sublimate the usage through mobile devices.

Customized creation of Websites

* Don’t forget, every website of ours is 100% responsive, LANGA WEB offers complete web marketing interventions for every kind of package, guaranteeing professionalism, availability and technical assistance.


Here below, some of the package %ONE projects completed for the different sectors: from the hospitality to the fitness one, from the restaurants to the interior studies.

* to see our other works, come to our Showroom or access our Portfolio

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