Constancy in the work and continuous pursuit of perfection, has enabled the company to reach Industrial levels in a short time and realize what today differentiates us from our competitors.


With the availability and care of marketing staff we have been able to convey through the new web site dynamism, professionalism, experience and seriousness.

Project’s Team


The economic-commercial strength of having over 40 different types of Mother reel format Cards, ranging from Pure Cellulose (1 veil, 2 veils and 3 veils with weights in m² from 15 to 30 grams) to Tagliate (1 veil and 2 veils with weights from 19 up to 25 grams) and finally the Recycled with their subdivisions based on the type of macero used (national wadding, semiwadding and 1 veil velvet 2 veils with weights of 17 grams up to 34 grams).

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