Use our services is really simple.

And also recycle them.

With the LANGA Coin program you can recycle your website. Old or new, we will recycle, reuse and replace it with one of our website array for marketing intervention.

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It is a program dedicated to the recyle of your old website. If you decide to change website or switch to a typology linked to one of the packages you can do it, but following technical and commercial specifications. Depending on the previous expenditure and the service chosen, you will have the possibility of recycling your LANGA website, moving to a package included in one division with its own discount percentage.

Start think about it. And it will be already done.

For example, if you purchased a %ONE package and now you want to move to a %WEB one, thanks to LANGA Coin program you can do it. Just think it, and it will happen. The previous website will be revised with the upgrades agreed with the commercial division.

The discount percentage is not abstract, it is phisical and applicable! You can touch it. Once the recycle and reuse of the old website has been agreed or simply if you move to one of LANGA’s services, a gadget will be given to you, an orange-coloured coin, with a base value of 10% discount, reusable in everyday’s life.

When you purchase something, think about it!

Here below are listed the cases in which you can have discount on LANGA services.

  • – If you don’t own a website and want to move to one of the services provided by LANGA WEB, it’s possible to have a 10% discount thanks to this gadget given during some of our fairs and events.
  • – If you already own a LANGA website, you spent a minimum of 1800€ and now you are willing to move to one of the services provided by other LANGA’s divisions, an 8%+2% discount is applicable
  • – If you already own a LANGA website and have spent  a minimum of 2300€ and you want to upgrade the web code a 10%+5% discount is available.

* The Coins can not be cumulated for the same service.

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