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Digital video shots to show the steps of your company, to show who you really are.

Corporate shots

Professional execution of raw shots and their assembly.


LANGA VIDEO has specially developed the %SHOOTING PACKAGE to allow its customers to not give up having professional video cuts made directly by professional Video Makers.

To whom?

To all those natural or legal persons who need to immortalize the moment in a professional manner. Birthday parties, events or simple landscape shots.


through the %SHOOTING it is possible to capture the most salient moments of your business process or event.

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We worked for several night clubs, shooting events/theme nights and private parties.

Over time, we have worked togheter with many companies in different sectors, visit our Portfolio to see more…

Video professionalism with night/internal video shooting guaranteed by our corporate machinery.


Night video shots

3D Model Representation with video inserts for the event promotion

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We shooted Club Dogo video for the Official Winter Tour, which started in the Mediterraneo Disco club in Isola d’Asti.


Here below, some of our %SHOOTING packages of video shooting works, made for different sectors: disco clubs, corporate shootings, wineries, restaurants and hotel sector.

*To see our works, come visiting our Showroom or access our Portfolio

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