The purchases of services and/or product and not, made on the langa.tv platform (more specifically on easy.langa.tv or other subdomains related to the main one (also mentioned as “Website/s), are regulated by the following conditions (also mentioned as “Conditions”).

The website is LANGA Group’s property – located in Via Cerrato, 1 – Alba (CN), Italy, VAT IT03605370042, Social Security Number 03605370042 (also mentioned as “LANGA”). The presentation, marketing and relations management  software through which the users accept LANGA’s conditions is called Easy LANGA (also mentioned as “Easy”).


The website allows to have access to web, print and video services (also mentioned as “Marketing”), among which: customized web portals’ coding of every kind (also mentioned as “Web” services of code implementation on existing or ex novo portals), graphics execution and document printing in a variety of format and on many supports (mentioned as “Prodotti”) and every kind of video (also mentioned as “Video” services, including possible shooting, post production and editing).

To access Services it is necessary to register on the website and create a User. All the final prices seen on the Website are expressed in euros, and can be seen withor without VAT, depending on the country and kind of registration. The Services and Products’ prices may be subject to periodical variations. For Products the shipping costs are non included.


The Website works with User profiles directly carried out by the users. Other profiles, already registered, can insert companies’ data in a section named “Entities” (natural and/or legal person). The Website allows the registration with profiles’ suggestion. The entrance in the system wil be immediate and always with a Client profile, everything after the uptake of data requested during registration. The profiles, displayed during registration, may be different, have different functionalities and all with the required acceptance of LANGA’s Terms of Service. During registration, user accepts the possible upgrade through the association with an entity made by an already associated user with association permissions based on possible geo limits set on its profile. The Website allows the registration of everyone, with no age limits due to the fact that there are no nude scenes, violence or financial transaction before the registration’s upgrade, through the association of a related entity to a user registered before.

For cancellation, suspension or legal dubts about your account please send an email to appeal@langa.tv


Final client’s purchase modalities is subordinated to other commercial profiles, like: commerical, reseller and store, through different sales tools. The base client (Client or Cusotmer) can not purchase anything without the support of the profiles mentioned above. Products/services’ choice happens through data interchange between the intresed person and the commercial. The commercial figure can follow the interested person until the purchase through quick toold (mentioned as “Quiz”) or through quotes based on specific requests viewed during the meeting.


The client can purchase Services online and make payments, via credit card (Visa or MasterCard), via Paypal or via wire transfer, as written on the Website, following instructions specified for the purchase. The total amount due to be paid, displayed in “Confirmed Price” field, can not be discounted of more than 30% in respect to the “To Pay” field, in order to respect the works mentioned in optional section. If the percentage was higher than the one above, the works included in the offer may decay, and the project would be based on what agreed between  client and commercial.

The necessary information for payment will be forwarded, through cryptographic protocols, to the payment Institute LANGA delegates electronic remote payment services, with no possibility of access for third-parties.

The payments must be made according to the modalities imposed on the quote in “Payments Section” and, only after the account’s payment, products/services selected will be produced by technicians. For each LANGA project we accept a maximum delay of 5 working days, beyond this limit may be applied a surcharge on the confirmed price of 5% for every week of delay. For renewals is not accepted any delay, otherwise the service will be interrupted (possible costs for reactivation)

In case of wire transfer the production will begin only after the happened initial accreditation.

The purchases’ invoicing will happen automatically from the acquisition’s moment (through a proforma, only when it will be approved by administrative offices after the accreditation on LANGA’s accounts, it will be visible from the client). Successively, the invoice will be at client’s disposal in his reserved area in a dedicated section: it will be client’s responsibility access to this area, print the document and archive according to law. The payment dates accepted on the quote must be respected, or LANGA will stop the projects this quote was referred to. The end of work date will be the the countdown visible in Easy’s Project section, beyond this limit (00:00:00), LANGA will be empowered to stop the project and request the total payment agreed on the quote.


The client can provide media material (mentioned as “Media”) with whom the technicians will be able to work in order to provide what was requested. We remind that the user is the only responsible subject for contents, ortography and uploaded files’ graphics’ checking, without regard to the purchase tool you used.

The contents and images’ selection (media), and the purchase of authorizations for their reproduction/use, if necessary, are users’ responsibility. LANGA Group will not verify any content, but only the things related to technical specifications and graphic compatibility with the specifications requested.

LANGA Group can not be held responsible for non-authorized use of images by the users and for every kind of transgressions of third-party rights on these.

The user exempts LANGA, in every condition of media use, committing himself to mantainindemnify and hold it harmless, from every responsibility towards third-parties who may complain about violations of intellectual property’s rights, possible reputation damage, honour, decorum, moral fiber or every kind of material and non damage derived from images and contents uploaded by the user.

LANGA reserves its right to block every order involving a very violation of intellectual property’s rights of third-parties or including  defamatory, violent or unlawful contents.


The work’s property is granted in exclusive use to the customer, and it will be released through monetary exchange, defined on the basis of the project’s size and complexity. The formula applied is the 5% of the total amount agreed during the contract’s acceptance (minimum 500€ + iva per removal work). The property may decay under LANGA Studios if the internal administration will argue there are not the right conditions for transfer. The property decays also after possible illicits of the client towards LANGA’s Studios.


The work’s delivery time is esteemed by the management system and/or the commercial people who manage quotes. Alleged work deadline shall be considered indicative, as there is no certainty about some optionals’ processing times. LANGA will strive to respect those indicative deadlines, but it can not be held responsible for any delay in production if the client has been neglectful in providing material/documents/payments requested. As “working days”, we refer to the days between Monday and Friday, not taking into account public holidays.

LANGA can not be held responsible in any case for damages occurred due to delays in delivery.


  • Right to withdrawl

If you purchase Products or Services as a customer, in accordance with the Codice del Consumo, You have the right to withdraw from contract, not mentioning the reasons, within 14 days. The withdrawal period shall expire 14 days after the sending of administrative communication (or invoice) in case of sales contract or after the renewal day of a service previously purchased/renewed through tacit consent.

To exercise the right to withdraw, you must inform us on your decision through an explicit statement (for example a letter or certified electronic mail), directly communicating the withdraw with a content explaining your reasons.

The communication can be sent to:


Corso Bra, 37 Alba (CN) 12051 Italy
T. +39 0173 280479

To respect the withdraw deadline, you only need to send the communication about your right to withdraw before the withdrawal period’s end.

  • Effects of withdraw

If you withdraw from this contract, all the payments made to us will be refunded, with no delay and not beyond 14 days from the day we have been acknowledged of you decision of withdraw from this contract. Those refunds will be made using the same method used by the client for the initial transaction, or through fiscal means chosen by LANGA; in any case, you will not be charged anything for this refund.

  • Exceptions to withdraw right

The withdrawal right mentioned in articles from 52 to 58 of Codice del Consumatore for remote contracts and contracts negotiated outside commercial locals it is excluded in relation to:

a) the contracts of services after the complete service performance if the execution started with the customer’s agreement and the acceptance of withdrawal right’s loss as a result of the complete contract’s execution of the contract by the professional;

b) the supply of goods and services, whose price is linked to financial market’s fluctuations the professional is not able to control and which can happen during the withdrawl period;

c)  the supply of clearly customized goods;

d)  the supply of goods which can deteriorate or expire quickly;

e)  the supply of sealed goods, which can not be returned for sanitary reasons or connected to health protection and which have been opened after delivery;

f)  the supply of goods which, after delivery, turn out to be, because of their nature, mixed with other goods;

g) alcoholic beverages supply, whose price was agreed at the contract’s closure, whose delivery can be made only after 30 days and whose value depends on market fluctuations not controlled by the professional;

h) the contracts in which the customer has specifically requested a visit from the professional in order to perform urgent works of repairing and maintenance. If, during this visit, the professional provides services in addition to the ones specifically requested by the customer or goods different from the spare parts needed for repairing and maintenance, the withdrawal right can be applied on those services or additional goods;

i) the supply of sealed audio and video registrations or of sealed informatic softwares opened after delivery;

l) the supply of newspapers, magazines and periodicals, not including the subscriptions for these publications’ supply;

m) contracts closed during a public auction;

n) the supply of housings for non-residential purposes, goods’ transport, car hire services, catering services or services which regard free time activities, if the contract includes a specific execution date or period;

o) the supply of digital content through a non-material support if the execution started with the customer’s agreement and with his acceptance of the withdrawal’s right loss.


LANGA Group will not be held responsible towards the user for every kind of damage, both direct and indirect, depending on possible errors, of every nature, in the Marketing work requested by the client, exept for wilful misconduct or grave fault.

LANGA never takes the responsibility for possible damages occurred on the work managed and it has the full control on hosting/server and codes carried out on client’s commission. LANGA would be empowered to suspend the service if the payments and modalities agreed with the Studio were not be respected. Possible processings for suspension/cancellation/ blockings will  be considered costs/penalties chargeable to the client and not LANGA.

At delivery, the customer must examine carefully the services/products received. Possible damages on the work, shall be immediately reported to client’s assistance service, opening an alert ticket via his Personal Area, and attaching photographic documents or images in 8 days after the material’s delivery.

LANGA Group will do its best to aswer all the alerts received within 24 working hours.


Refer to > Privacy policies


The present Condition are subject to Italian Law. For all the orders which come from subjects not qualified as “customers”, all the controversies about interpretation and/or execution of this contract, will exclusively will competence of Turin’s Forum.

The customer living in European Union shall know the the European Commission has created an online platform which provides a tool for an alternative resolution of controversies. This tool can be used by the European customer to solve in a non-judicial way every controversy related to and/or derived from sale contracts of goods and services signerd in the web. Accordingly and except what stays ahead of this article 11, the user who purchases as a customer can use this platform to solve every controversy regarding this contract agreed with LANGA Group. The platform is available at this link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/?event=main.home.show&lng=IT.


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