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LANGA really cares about your privacy. So we have developed a Privacy Policy to explain how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your data.

This Privacy Policy applies to users of every LANGA Website, web platform, mobile app or informatic system with a reference or a link to the Privacy Policy (collectively know as “Services”). This Privacy Policy applies in every occasion, regardless of the device used to access our Services: computer, mobile phone, electrical devices or other smart devices.

Because of our professional internal style, we will not disclose any customer’s confidential data on the basis of the realtionship buildt between the parties or between the companies and our mother house. The discussion about data’s release can not be a start for a legal action against LANGA, as it derives from the service requested. At the discretion of the natural and/or legal person the offense and defense for this act.

Actually, the data are collected through the Easy LANGA system (link here > ).

The user must read carefully the Privacy Policy and the possible updates on it provided by LANGA, as these documents, together with the Terms of Service accepted with this Policy, provide information on how the customer’s data are processed every time he/she uses our Services.

Data collected
Some Services allow the user to directly provide information to LANGA. For example:
– Some Services allow users to create accounts or profiles. In relation to these Services, LANGA will ask the user to provide specific information about him/her in order to create the account/profile. For example, when an Easy LANGA account is created, the user inserts in the system specific personal data, such as Name, Surname, Date of Birth and E-Mail address;
– contents shared on internal dashboards in management softwares used by LANGA or on behalf of LANGA;
– digital material acquired through video cameras and/or similar equipment, for the purpose of security;
– if the user orders a product or service in return for a payment through one of LANGA’s e-commerce platforms, LANGA, in order to process the order, will ask the user his/her Name, Surname, Contact address, Billing and Delivery Address, and the Credit Card detail.

How are used the data collected
– the data are used to register the user or his/her device for a Service
– for advertising purposes, for example in order to provide the user customized advertisement, sponsored contents and send promotionals after his/her explicit consent, if requested
– personal data we collect allow us to keep you updated about news or products to whom you agreed for cookies use
– we use personal data also to develop, provide and improve our products, services, contents and advertising materials
– personal data like date of birth can be used to verify the age, simplify the identification of users in our management systems and softwares for entities mangement
– we can, indeed, use personal data with internal purposes, for verifications and analysis

Protection of users’ data
LANGA really cares about the protection of user’s personal data, and it has taken appropriate technical and physical security measures to protect the information collected in relation to its services. However, despite of the fact that LANGA takes adequate precautions (the website’s array is protected by a private https connection, to protect information, no website, transmission via Internet, computer or wireless connection is completely safe.

Regarding the internal devices and softwares LANGA (pc, smartphone and tablet), credentials and passwords to access the data are updated on a regular basis according to the law.

User’s rights
The user has the right to ask details about his/her personal data collected by LANGA and ask LANGA to correct possible inaccuracies in these data, to not allow the processing of personal data or to ask for their restriction, as well as requesting to access the personal data or asking for their cancellation or portability.

The access to personal data is allowed after a prior notification and request for permission via PEC mail to the address or via A/R registered letter, against payment for the technical time requested by the processing.

In accordance to the laws of some jurisdictions, LANGA can refuse to follow up to these requests in case they will be unreasonably repetitive, or they will require a disproportionate technical effort, or they will put the others’ privacy at risk, or they will be extremely impracticable, either for which the access is not required by the local law.

The user requesting the deletion of personal data acknowledges that he / she may no longer be able to access the Services or use them and that personal data may continue to be present in the records and archives of LANGA for a certain period, in compliance with applicable law, but that LANGA will not treat them for commercial purposes. The user understands that, despite his request for cancellation, LANGA reserves the right to keep his personal data, or a good part of them, in compliance with the following section on “Data Retention” and applicable laws. LANGA may suspend, limit or terminate your access to the website for violation of the LANGA Terms and Conditions of Service, where necessary, to protect the rights, property or safety of LANGA or an affiliate thereof, its business partners, its employees or customers.

Data retention
LANGA will not store your personal data for longer than necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. This means that the data will be destroyed or deleted from the LANGA systems when they are no longer needed.

Third-party sites and services
Our Services may contain links to websites and third-party services outside the control of LANGA. LANGA is not responsible for the security or privacy of information collected from websites or other services. You must pay attention and read the privacy statements that apply to the websites and third-party services that you use.

Such third parties may collect or receive certain information on the use that the user makes of the Services, for example through the use of cookies, pixels, beacons and other similar technologies. This information can be collected over time and combined with other information collected through various websites and online services. LANGA does not control the collection and use of data by these companies.

Social Network
Some of LANGA’s services use social network plug-ins (“plug-ins”). When the user uses a Service that contains plug-ins, the direct transfer of information from the user’s profile to the social network operator can occur. LANGA does not control the data collected by the plug-in in any way.

Furthermore, during the provision of services related to the Social Media Managing, LANGA will not be held responsible for any bugs in the social networks in question, such as duplication of functions, account bans, malfunctions or system errors.

Cookie and other technologies
All the complete and right regulations are available on the website to the page
We advise to visit this section to be aware of the technologies used for privacy invasion towards user client of the website and likes websites (brands and sub-brands).

We do not have R-rated products, but we want to specify that the use of the same digital array, after a various and periodic use, can cause physical distress, derived from the colour base and the electronic device’s screen reflections. LANGA does not take responsibility for any  harmful eventuality.

Services based on Geo Localization
Geo localization and/or IP address capture services can be present on the array for commercial and statistic purposes, for LANGA or for its behalf.

Questions about privacy
If you have questions or doubts about LANGA’s Privacy Policy or data treatment, or if you are willing to send a complaint for a possible violation of the privacy laws, you are welcome to contact us. You can contact us by phone at your country’s Support number.

Updated on 25th May 2018
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