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An IT platform with style, the LANGA style. The% WEB website is a web showcase for amateurs of computer presentation, for those who believe that information technology serves not only to communicate but to convey emotions.

The %WEB package

LANGA WEB uses the% WEB PACKAGE to return a full-bodied, amazing and functional effect. The user at the opening of each page is surprised by the constant dynamism and the layout designed and programmed specifically for the customer.

Corporate Websites

To whom it is proposed

The %WEB package refers to the businesses that have already understood how the world of Marketing works and want to get into it professionally. Many optionals can be applied to it in order to make your website even more interactive and dynamic, among all the %REFRESH stands out, consisting of a continuous updating of layout, color and photo services for several times during the year depending on the period. An interactive management. Institutional Responsive Websites


The package that LANGA WEB offers represents a complete web marketing intervention in every aspect and attentive to the aesthetic needs the customer would like to show to consolidate the idea of quality of their company.


has developed the idea of the %WEB package to arouse emotions towards those who are attentive to company details. This kind of website amazes for the high photographic level and the particular programmed dynamisms. Internet websites %WEB PACKAGE.

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Website’s layout and style

Our creatives/developers thought 

and programmed an outstanding  %WEB PACKAGE:

Navigation menu from one part to the other, cascade dynamisms, full-screen images, colour and font analysis and study, filters and taxonomis for the search of dishes/products. Everything has been programmed in order to be responsive on every device (PC, Desktop, Tablet and smartphones).

Websites for emotional presentations

imac background

Photos for the Web…


The photo shots have been taken expressly by the same hand in order to create an unique stylefor Walter Ferretto’s dishes.

*don’t forget that in our websites the photo
shootings are included with no limits of time, shots or assistance.

Marketing settings

How well do we know nowadays the new Hollywood Stars are the companies that can shine and which can communicate what they do through the most varied forms of Marketing. Having a complete and constant care on the management of marketing is essential to show themselves as modern and active. Creating a colorful website!

Thanks to those who understand the work of detail, thanks to those who understand the world we live in.


The graphic layout and its programming have been studied for an optimal use also from Tablet and smartphone. %WEB website is responsive and has UX/UI specifications, which have the aim to improve the usage through mobile devices. We are developing mobile APPs for the sending of notifications and messages about events, evening and happy hours.

Corporate Websites

*Don’t forget that our websites are 100% responsive, LANGA WEB offers complete web marketing interventions for every kind of package, guaranteeing professionalism, availability and technical assistance. Websites LANGA WEB.


Here below some of our %WEB PACKAGES of websites’ works completed for different kind of clients: restaurants, Wineries, pharmacies…

*to see other of our works on internet websites, visit our Showroom or access our Portfolio

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